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  1. ‘Closing Doors’ out now
  2. New collaboration with Harry Hudson out tonight
  3. ‘It’s Ok If You Forget Me’ lyric video and song out now
  4. ‘It’s Ok If You Forget Me’ acoustic snippet
Who is Astrid S?
Astrid Smeplass, known professionally as Astrid S, is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and model. She was born on the 29 October 1996 (age 23) in Berkåk, Rennebu, Norway. In 2013, she had her breakthrough when she placed fifth in the Norwegian version of Pop Idol called Idol - Jakten på en superstjerne.
Sep, 20

The collaboration between Harry Hudson and Astrid S’ ‘Closing Doors’ is out now! The song which is piano based got a chilled vibe to it with both Astrids vocals and Harrys vocals makes the whole song very atmospheric and ambient.

Listen to ‘Closing Doors’ below and make sure to stream the song on streaming services as well.

Sep, 20

Astrid recently posted on her Instagram story that she has a new song coming out tonight with American singer-songwriter Harry Hudson called ‘Closing Doors’. Make sure to keep your ears open and eyes peeled. See the cover art and Harry’s tweet below.

Sep, 20

‘It’s Ok If You Forget Me’ is out now on all streaming services. The official lyric video is also out as well. Make sure to check it out below!

Also make sure to stream on Spotify here.

Sep, 20

Not too long ago Astrid posted an acoustic live snippet of her upcoming single ‘It’s Ok If You Forget Me’ on Facebook. She noted that she’s “very nervous” to release the song and that it’s her “favorite songs off of the album”. She also noted that she wants to play it for us instead of a “boring teaser”.

Watch the acoustic snippet of ‘It’s Ok If You Forget Me’ below:

It’s Ok If You Forget Me out tomorrow! 💕:) COMMENT A 🐞 if you’re excitedddd

Posted by Astrid S on Thursday, 17 September 2020
Sep, 20

Eeeek!! I’m super excited as I’m writing this article! Astrid recently announced the date for her debut album.

As she wrote on her announcement tweet, she said:

MY DEBUT ALBUM «LEAVE IT BEAUTIFUL» IS OUT OCTOBER 16TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PINCH MEEEE!!!!!! Written and produced by me and so many of my favorite people! Making this album has been a pain in the ass tbh. But I’ve made new memories and songs and friends that I’ll keep for life!!

Astrid’s tweet

And she continued:

This is all very overwhelming!!! Help!!!! One of my favorite songs on the album, «It’s Ok If You Forget Me» is out this friday [hearts emoji] Feeling warm and bubbly and emotional I can’t believeeeeeee eeeeeee ee e e e e e e e. E e. E e

Astrid’s tweet

The official release date is October 16th. The new single will be out this Friday as well. Make sure to save the date. See the cover for the new album below!!

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Astrid will be touring Norway in 2021. Tickets are available to purchase now on her official website.
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