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Sep. 15, 2020
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Eeeek!! I’m super excited as I’m writing this article! Astrid recently announced the date for her debut album.

As she wrote on her announcement tweet, she said:

MY DEBUT ALBUM «LEAVE IT BEAUTIFUL» IS OUT OCTOBER 16TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PINCH MEEEE!!!!!! Written and produced by me and so many of my favorite people! Making this album has been a pain in the ass tbh. But I’ve made new memories and songs and friends that I’ll keep for life!!

Astrid’s tweet

And she continued:

This is all very overwhelming!!! Help!!!! One of my favorite songs on the album, «It’s Ok If You Forget Me» is out this friday [hearts emoji] Feeling warm and bubbly and emotional I can’t believeeeeeee eeeeeee ee e e e e e e e. E e. E e

Astrid’s tweet

The official release date is October 16th. The new single will be out this Friday as well. Make sure to save the date. See the cover for the new album below!!

Sep. 14, 2020
Published by admin

Yesterday Astrid teased her fans with what appears to be a teaser for her upcoming album…or a single. She released her recent single ‘Marilyn Monroe’ only 3 weeks go, almost a month actually…so would she release a new single this fast? I guess we have to wait and see.

On the video, there’s a rotating blue heart shaped diamond that seems to be warped and underneath it, there’s an also rotating word saying ‘beautiful’.

See the teaser below, but please hold your excitement (my hands are shaking as I’m writing this article) – or don’t.

Fans had waited long enough for this one, a collaboration between the English singer/songwriter JP Cooper and Norwegian pop princess Astrid S with their song ‘Sing It With Me‘. It’s officially out now everywhere.

It sounds like something that would play on the radio in the summer while going on a road trip and everyone is singing along to it. You can stream/listen/download the latest single below…

Stream or Download

The Italian luxury fashion company has teamed up with Astrid S to promote their new Spring/Summer 2019 belt bags collection.

Luxury fashion brand Fendi has collaborated with Norwegian singer, songwriter and model Astrid S to create a short movie that’s you’re bound to watch on loop. Titled Something New, it’s created in the vein of a music video and inspired by millennial and clubbing culture. The whole vibe is positive, playful and energetic. The video features Fendi’s SS ’19 belt bag playing Astrid’s perfect companion. Practical yet romantic, the bag is functional while being chic.

Source: ELLE India

Astrid also mentioned about what she thinks about the brand…

Fendi is represented by so many talented and hardworking women that I look up to. Women who are independent and confident, which I aspire to be. With Fendi, I’ve been able to challenge myself on how I express through style.

Source: ELLE India

Watch the video featuring Astrid below!

Astrid has collaborated with Canadian producer Frank Walker on their song, ‘Only When It Rains’. Astrid has stated that it used to be a piano ballad, but we still want to hear the chill dance song in a ballad form…don’t we?

She also mentioned that she wrote it “years ago”! I’m not surprised, because her writing technique is quite incredible. Kind of reminds me of the ‘Astrid S’ era, when her first EP came out.

Astrid had also collaborated with JP Cooper on their song, ‘Sing It WIth Me’. I’m excited to hear this one because I’m also a fan of JP Cooper. He tweeted…

‘Sing It With Me’ will be released on 3rd May. But meanwhile, listen to ‘Only When It Rains’ below…

Tour schedule

Astrid will be touring Norway and Europe in 2021. Tickets are available to purchase now on her official website.

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